Wednesday, 15 October 2008

preston national rocked

what a weekend, i loved it all except for not getting a trophy or a plate after going to every national. well done to all the national champs.

crusier had 15 people in it which was new, i think this year the max we have had was about 13, its great having that many people in the race but each moto was almost a full moto, with either 7 or 8 people, so i needed to get top4 to get a final, i had no chance and ended up in the b-final, a few unusual face in the b, twarn and josh fighting it out for number one, me in for 3.

junior men was a great class to watch, a big crash in the semi cost greg holloway a place in the a-final, so he was left with the b. 13-14 was very close with 3 riders all going for number one plate, in the end evening after his crash in the a-final jacob won, well done lad.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

preston day3 pics

here are the pics from today, got a few nice ones, if you would like any email me at


Here is the rest

Saturday, 11 October 2008

preston day1

here are the pics from friday night gates, pretty good watching.


Here's More

mess around preston wednesday

just a few pics from wednesday, these are really bad for focus but it was pretty dark.


Here's more

preston mess around Thursday

check out these pics from a mess around at preston, was a pretty good night, just showing the fun side of riding.



pictures from day2

today was pretty good, report to follow on monday


More Pics Here

Friday, 10 October 2008

preston national

should be a good weekend, lots of people will be on there way up north for the final round of the nationals, crusier should be fun, rumours are that ryan vinyard will be on a MTB, and kerion on a crusier, big suprise.
titles will be on the line this weekend for some people.
there will be a large raffle this weekend with loads of different prizes including a choice of koxx frames, some zoo york clothing and many other prizes.
shanaze will be in attendance, she might race depends on how she feels mixing it up with elite men, should be great watching.
alex dick and the boys are also suppose to be attending, for the king of dirt, be mint watching, would like to see it on the sunday after racing.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

marco's tattoo

this is one mint tattoo, still not finished, looks amazing and is a awesome tribute.

New record

coppull got a new record for a club race with 10 people racing crusier, but only 4 in 16+, normally it is the other way around. coppull is a awesome track on some day in good weather, and on sunday it just felt awesome, i didn't do to bad in crusier with a 1st a 3rd and 1st, which gave me 3rd pic in the final, picked my favourite gate 3, got a decent snap and got into 3rd and just stayed there with sutty taking number one and chris platt taking number 2, great day.
the trails guys had been working rather hard lately with bad weather meaning no riding, so they got building, it seems they have big plans, will update when i know but took 3 pics on the phone of the drop in, first, and second have a look and see what you think, will upload more when i visit.

Friday, 3 October 2008

preston sunday

a awesome day, unfortunatly the goldcoast boys could not make it, the a-final in payback would of been mint with them there. 143 people attentended, seemed like more in the pens, something like 23 motos and semis in payback. No wan there, were was you? twarn was racing payback, along with wans best mate kerion, he didn't look on it that day.

16-29 crusier was mixed with masters so it was me, boota, chris platt, jack raz and matt. came out to be good racing for us, i got third every race, while boota and chris platt took 1st and 2nd, boota did a dirty move on me in one of the motos brake testing on the last berm, come final time i got a good snap from gate 8 (i hate picking pegs from a bag) then moved across to get into 3rd down the 1st straight, chris platt was on the outside and boota on the inside, boota pushed chris onto the pro so i went inside, been getting it smooth all day and i had to screw it up in the final, ended up pumping through the whole thing so got into 2nd from that mistake, boota made off to take the win and it was just up to me and chris, he was next to me all the way down the 3rd straight and come to the last berm just got under me coming out of it so he got 2nd and i was left with another 3rd.

shoout out to the guys riding the brand new koxx frames, both trails riders every so skecky on the track but there where fast, ali from tarty bikes rode in 16+, i saw him in one moto bounce off nial lennon in mid air, i thought there where both going to come off, but some how they stayed on, i think ali came off in the a-final, he was in a good postion aswell, but the last berm took another victim. his mate on a koxx did well all day aswell, sorry can't remeber your name.

check out tartybikes
also check k-124 which is koxx website, koxx is connected with try all

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

pics from coppul

i know i should of put these up ages ago but i have really busy laterly.
great weekend, first day made the a final but 2nd got motoed, pretty pissed off but gave me a chance to take photos.
here they are:


click here to see them all